Cookies are the nickname for tiny text files which some websites pages place on the device you use to access them, to give us encrypted information such as to remember what you have put in your basket when shopping, your preferences, whether you have an account and what cookies you have accepted. They will not collect your name, address and payment card details but send back technical facts.  They also help us to understand and sort out technical errors which sometimes happen online. We need cookies to make our websites and your device able to work well together. Some cookies are our own but we also work with carefully selected third parties to help us and who set their cookies from our website pages and to help us run our websites (these are called third party cookies).  You will not be able to buy from us online and your browsing experience may not be as enjoyable if you block your device from receiving cookies.

We use cookies online to do the job a good sales assistant does in store, noting what you are interested in, seeing if we can help show you where those items are, find more like them and tell you about products which work well with them. We can also tell you about special offers and promotions, just like they would.

Normally until you buy from us, you are an unnamed user of our website but we want to make you a customer. We work with online advertising partners to do this. They set a cookie from our web pages and this allows them to spot when you use the same device on other websites they publish ads on. They can then make sure you see an ad from us . In some cases, the ads you see from us online will be more tailored to you . This uses known and observed information about you to try and categorise you and predict what you will want to buy and which offers you will most like . This will be from our knowledge of you as a customer with us and from your use of our websites but we do not share that detailed information with those advertising partners. In other cases, it will be based on what advertising partners /social media providers know about you from their cookies and use of their websites but we do not receive the detailed information from these websites.