Our company produces and offers for sale top-quality authentic Romanian blouses . All the blouses listed as NEW in our store are produced by our company. Skilfully decorated with fine hand embroideries, completely hand embroidered , hand stitched and hand sewn, the folk blouses and the folk costumes ranks among the finest achievements of the Romanian people .

The creators of these beauties are profesional embroiderers who have at least 30 years experience in embroidering. An experienced embroiderer needs about 4 up to 8 weeks to complete a Romanian peasant blouse and the result is a work of surprising artistic value.

We are proud to offer to you our manufactured products: genuine Romanian folk art, top quality merchandise, flawless and carefully inspected .

Only the antique or vintage items, which are sold in some specific areas in our store and have in item's title the words " antique ", " vintage " or " old ", are second hand because of the nature of the product. These items are carefully described, all the flaws are disclosed in our listings and also we try to capture in our photos all the flaws that we found.
If you need further information about our products or about a specific product, if you need more photos, measurements or details before to purchase from our store , don't hesitate to contact us by email, we will be more than happy to answer to you as soon as possible .
For any questions about orders, shipping or any other information regarding our products please contact us at: office@greatblouses.com.