Legal Notice -GDPR

GDPR-Privacy Policy - What you need to know

This is an explanation regarding how and why we use your personal information. Please read it and make sure you control your privacy. Our website and apps are not intended for use by children who are under 16 years of age. 

We take your privacy seriously so we are committed to protect the security of your personal information.

We comply with data privacy laws when using your personal information.

We will explain your rights to control your personal information to you and how to use them.

We want you to understand:

1.What personal information we collect about you and where we get it from :

We collect the information directly from you when you order or buy from us. We get technical details from the devices you use to access our website and from cookies which tell us what you look at online, where and when. Like most other websites, our technology also lets us know when and how you use our websites.

We will only collect the personal information we believe we need to use, or which you have agreed we can collect from you or agreed someone else can share with us.

2.What we do with your personal information :

We need to collect and use lots of information about you so that you can use our websites and apps, buy things from us and learn about our offers and new arrivals. We also need to use some details to prevent and detect fraud.

We look at and learn from your browsing, shopping and how you respond to our marketing to understand what sort of customer you are and predict what products we have that you may also be interested in. We try to show you adverts and offers we think you will like tailored to you based on stuff like your location, including what we know about you including through our apps, websites and other websites you visit, relying on the extra understanding about you which ad providers and social media platforms have collected with your consent.

Our use of your details will depend on you and what you are doing: browsing or buying, if you are new to us or a registered customer.

We also use your personal information for the following reasons : to accept your orders, check and take payment, deliver your order and communicate with you about it. 

To deal with returns replacements and refunds we are obliged to deal with . To accept card payments, we need to comply with anti-money laundering legal obligations and comply with the rules of the card issuers to make sure we get paid .This means checking your identity and that your use of the card appears lawful by checking with credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies who may keep records of this and of any concerns. We use specialist payment providers to help with this.

We also use your personal information for the following reasons : to learn from your experience with us and improve , to respond to any customer care concern , to provide you all information you need about us , about your orders or any other requests from you .

Your personals information are important to authenticate users, account holders and ensure use of our website complies with our terms and policies .

3.Who we share your personal information with and why

We use suppliers and service providers, such as for delivering orders, or dealing with payments processors or payment services as PayPal for example . We use external suppliers to help us with: postal carriers for delivering orders, payment service providers to securely validate and take your payments by card ( PayPal or bank to bank transfers ) ,specialist providers to host and operate our website.

We only share the personal details they need to know for their services and we make sure your privacy is respected and protected.We share personal information with third parties when you have told us that we can share, or them that they can share, or with third party ad providers, such as social media platforms or Google, so our adverts are shown to you.We will provide personal information about you to the police, fraud prevention and credit reference agencies when we have to by law, or when we deem necessary to prevent fraud.

4.Where we send your personal information outside Europe

Business for us and many of our suppliers is international so your personal information may, at times, be handled in a location outside Europe. When this occurs, we take care in ensuring the security of your information. In the event you ask us to deliver your order outside of Europe, we need to send limited details outside of Europe to fulfil this request.

5 .How we keep your personal information secure

Our people understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure. We take steps to keep our offices, systems and records secure. We struggle to keep our systems, website and their use under continual review to check and maintain their integrity and security and proper operation and continually improve their efficiency .This is also to protect it against theft or other loss.

6.How long we keep your information and why

We will only keep your personal information for a limited period of time. This period will depend on a number of reasons, such whether we still need to deliver to you, or you have an account with us, or we are providing ongoing customer care to you. Sometimes we must also keep your information by law, to deal with a regulator or where required by our insurers. We delete your personal information at your request where possible and we won’t keep it for longer than we should or need to for the provision of a service and for communicating with you.

7.Your rights and how to use them

You have rights to find out about how and why we use your personal information and to control its use. These include rights to access and correct your details, in some cases to ask us to limit or stop our use of them and even to delete them. Where we use your personal information based on your consent, you have the right to change your mind and you can always unsubscribe from our direct marketing to you, by simply clicking unsubscribe in a marketing email .

You are entitled to have your personal information deleted or destroyed, such as where your personal information is no longer needed for its intended use.Where our processing of your personal information is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time but you have to take into consideration that you can not ask to erase / delete your personal information when we are processing an order from you .The erasure / delete of your personal information and your account will limit or restrict the future use of our website .

Your privacy matters, so You can get in touch with our team at office for help with data protection matters or to ask us to delete your account from our website . This will limit or restrict the future use of our website .

Categories of personal informations :

Personal / contact informations :

What: Name, Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, account information (user name, log-in details)

Reasons for collecting them : so we can know who you are to get in touch and for contract, legal and payment reasons as well as administering your account with us

Obtained : from you

Order informations :

What: Contact information, together with purchase details, delivery details, payment details, any communications we have about your order or purchase

Reasons for collecting them : so we can take your order, take payment for it and make sure it is delivered properly

Obtained : from you

Payment informations :

What: Name, card issuer and card type, number, issue number, start and expiry dates and cvv code , PayPal email address

Reasons for collecting them : so we can check the right person is using the right card/account and meet the payment requirements of the card/account issuers; and make sure we are paid for what you buy

Obtained : from you, your payment /card issuer, your store card provider if used, PayPal if used

Marketing informations :

What: Your marketing preferences, your account settings including any default preferences, any preferences you have indicated, such as country, language and currency, the types of products/offers that interest you, or the areas of our website that you visit

Reasons for collecting them : so we can make your visits easier and more convenient and make sure you get the information you want from us in the way we think you will like

Obtained : from you, from our website/app technology interaction with your browser/devices and cookies tracking the pages you visit, the marketing messages you open and the links you follow . Cookies are described below *** .

Communications :

What: Communications we may have with you, whether relating to an order or not. Details of your reviews and how you rate us

Reasons for collecting them: so we can deal with your requests, help you, meet your needs and make sure we have accurate records. It also helps us to obtain customer feedback and improve as a result.

Obtained: from you

Voluntary given informations :

What: Any voluntary information you provide us with, such as your date of birth, favourite & worst colour/style, responses to surveys or competition entries; student discount details and social media account details

Reasons for collecting them: so we can get to know you better; make our communications with you more personal; get in touch on your birthday; make sure we are not marketing/selling to children; learn and improve from your survey feedback

Obtained : from you, your social media account provider

Device informations :

What: IP address, internet provider, operating system and browser used, type of device, such as laptop or smart phone, device cookie settings and other device details, such as MAC address and the geographic region which your device reports to us that you are located in

Reasons for collecting them: so our website and app technology can work properly with your device and make sure you can see and use our intended website and apps on the device you are using

Obtained : from you; from our website/app technology interaction with your browser/devices

On line browsing:

What: Your customer journey before and after visiting our store from Google . Details of your online browsing activities on our website or which link has brought you to our website from our email communication. Similar details from use of our apps. Your contact information, historic order information, preference information, voluntary information and online observed information

Resons for collecting them : so we can learn more about you; try to understand the type of customer you are, to predict what you are most interested in, what offers you will like most, tailor our adverts and offers

Obtained : from you, from our website/app technology interaction with your browser/devices and cookies tracking the pages you visit; without seeing the details collected, from cookies set by ad providers, social media platforms and Google .