Hand woven Romanian peasant blouse with purple pattern , handmade old traditional blouse


Romanian ethnic blouse with purple lavender pattern .

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Old Romanian traditional handmade shirt with purple motifs. Originally from Oltenia, it is very rare with this color.

Measure M-L with the following dimensions:

blouse length: 57 cm or 22.44 inches

sleeve length from neck to hem: 71 cm or 28 inches

around chest: 136 cm or 53.54 inches

Most likely dated: 1960-1980

Good condition, no repairs or breaks. But the purple color once faded and left behind pale purple spots on the blouse: on the sleeves, on the neck, on the back, on the chest. The stains are not very visible because the blouse has a rich pattern but they exist and the price reflects this problem. The most visible spots are captured in photos.

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Data sheet

Embroidery colour
Cotton, linen
Embroidery thread

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