Handmade ethnic Romanian blouse, blue hand woven Romanian top


This Romanian peasant blouse is completely hand woven in primitive loom using 100 % cotton thread. So the fabric and the black traditional pattern displayed on this blouse is completely hand woven.

Size: XL may be XXL but, please, check the measurements:

As to the coloring and motifs used in decorating the Romanian peasant blouses or the Romanian peasant costumes, there are numberless variants, each disclosing, in a plastic language, information about the wearers age, occasion, civil and social status.

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Blouses length: 70 cm or 27. 55 inches

Around chest: 140 cm or 55. 11 inches

Tie strings at the collar and cuffs.

New, never worn, in perfect condition.

In one of the photos you can see how the blouse is hand woven in a traditional loom.

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Data sheet

Embroidery colour
Cotton, linen
Embroidery thread

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