Romanian peasant hand embroidered top , yellow silk hand stitched ethnic blouse


Skilfully decorated with fine hand embroideries, completely hand embroidered and hand sewn, the folk blouses ranks among the finest achievements of the Romanian people . An experienced embroiderer needs 6 weeks to complete a blouse and the result is an work of surprising artistic value.Of great moderation, authenticity and robustness, graceful and lively, the Romanian blouse contains a note of elegance and distinction   . It is the silent symbol of the old days and the eternal emblem of the beauty.

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Classic beauty and elegance come together in this stunning Romanian peasant blouse. Hand embroidered with mustard /yellow golden silk thread on white gauze cotton. Stunning pattern named " The diamonds " ! An embroiderer needs 6 weeks to hand embroiders such a beautiful blouse !

Tie strings at the collar and cuffs.

Size M for a tall lady.

Measurements: blouses length: 66 cm or 26 inches

around chest: 122 cm or 48 inches

Sleeves length from the base of the neck to the lower hem: 66 cm or 26 inches

Yellow diamonds
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Embroidery colour
Gauze cotton
Embroidery thread

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