Romanian hand embroidered blouse, authentic hand stitched ethnic top

Of great moderation, authenticity and robustness, graceful and lively, the Romanian blouse contains a note of elegance and distinction   . It is the silent symbol of the old days and the eternal emblem of the beauty.

Beautifully hand embroidered Romanian traditional blouse. The embroideries are hand made with white silk thread, dark blue and medium blue cotton thread. The finest and sheer gauze cotton. Authentic, original, 100 % hand stitched and hand embroidered, an embroiderer needs 6 weeks to produce one blouse.

We offer this blouse in one size: blouse length: 69 cm (27. 16 inches)

around chest: 116 cm (45. 66 inches).

Sleeves length measured from the collar to the lower hem: 63. 5 cm or 25 inches.

Tie strings at the collar and cuffs.

Size:S- M

Condition: NEW, never worn, in PERFECT condition. It is 100 % hand stitched and hand sewn . 

The product  is completely hand made with the finest hand embroideries . It is of an incredible quality ,  delicate embroideries , flawless . As the Romanian Philosopher Mircea Eliade said :" Romanians artistic genius found infinite abilities of expression in the minor arts .The embroideries made by the Romanians are among the best of this kind. The artistic treasure of the Romanians is a living thing .He turns into a work of art everything he touches ... " The blouse is an  work of art .

Destiny Wheel in blue

Data sheet

Gauze cotton
Embroidery colour
Embroidery thread

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