Splendid Romanian peasant costume , marquisette Romanian traditional dress and pleated skirt


Romanian folk costume handmade. It is very old and the traditional dress is very rare.

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Romanian peasant antique costume formed of two pieces : hand embroidered dress on marquisette and pleated traditional skirt .

The antique  dress is hand embroidered on marquisette fabric, a very expensive fabric (a combination of silk and cotton) used for making the Romanian costumes in between 1900 - 1940. The marquisette is very light, sheer and draping silk - cotton fine fabric.

The black hand embroideries are extremely fine. The dress is also decorated with silk stripes applied in between the rows of hand stitched flowers.

Dated most probably in between 1900 - 1930, the era when the marquisette was in fashion for the Romanian costumes of the wealthy Romanians.

Size M/L with the following measurements:

length: 111 cm or 43.7 inches

around chest 130 cm or 51.18 inches

around waist 110 cm or 43.3 inches

Flaws: the marquisette which is an extremely delicate fabric was broken on the back of the blouse. We repaired those tears and covered them with silky stripes similar with the original stripes displayed on the front of the dress and on the sleeves. Other 3 - 4 tears was repaired and covered with tinny hand embroidered flowers (2 on the chest, near the right under armpit) and 2 near the hem of the dress. There are other 5 - 8 tinny holes in marquisette which are not repaired but they are hardly noticeable.

The blouse and skirt was connected together by a sewing machine.

Pros: a scarce dress, an antique one in good to very good condition taking into consideration the fabric which is extremely rare, expensive, delicate, fine and old.

The dress is washed, restored, wearable.

Age of the dress 100 - 120 years old.

Handmade ethnic skirt , hand pleated traditional skirt from Romania .

Skirts length: 58 cm or 22. 8 inches.

It is adjustable with tie strings around waist.

As it is, it will fit to a waist of maxim 75 cm /29. 52 inches. For the smaller waist circumferences the skirt will be overlapped.

At it lower hem the circumference is 2 meters or 79 inches.

Dated: 1950 - 1970

Condition: perfect condition, slightly used only.

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