Vintage Romanian peasant costume from Hunedoara , handmade traditional outfit from Transylvania


Gorgeous vintage Romanian peasant costume from Hunedoara / Tinutul Padurenilor .


Romanian folk costume from Transylvania, Hunedoara county. Old traditional Romanian costume handmade.

This suit consists of 3 pieces: dress, brocade apron and wool apron at the back.

The vintage dress is richly hand embroidered on the sleeves and chest with embroidery with thread: black, blue and purple. It also has hand embroidery on the skirt.

Dress material: hand-woven fabric, 100% cotton

The tunic collar is sewn with beads and the buttons of the dress are the old, original ones.

Measure: M or M- L with the following dimensions:

dress length: 129 cm or 50.78 inches

circumference around chest: 140 cm or 55.11 inches

circumference around waist / hips: 112 cm or 44 inches

sleeve length from collar to hem: 74 cm or 29.13 inches

collar circumference: 45 cm or 17.7 inches

Condition: very good with minimal signs of wear. The black embroidery is discolored. At the back, next to the collar is a pinch in the canvas, check the pictures for details.

The front apron is the newest model that started to be worn after the 60's, especially for young girls. It is made of purple brocade with pleats. At the waist it is 25 cm (10 inches) to which the cord is added. Apron length: 60 cm or 23.6 inches

The back apron is the old pattern of hand-woven apron made of thick and rough wool. It is 70 cm long (27.55 inches) and 61 cm at the waist (24 inches).

The aprons are in very good condition.

Data sheet

Embroidery colour
Cotton, linen
Embroidery thread

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