Romanian peasant costume from Oltenia , splendid ethnic Eastern European costume


Romanian folk costume from the Oltenia area. It is a complete ethnic costume dating from the 1960s and is made entirely by hand: hand-woven, hand-embroidered and hand-sewn.

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Wonderful handmade Romanian peasant costume, folkloric outfit from Eastern Europe consisting of: hand-embroidered dress, hand-woven wool skirt and traditional belt.

1. Hand-sewn Romanian ethnic dress characterized by refinement of the decorative design and of the craftsmanship of the seams.

The Romanian vintage dress is in good condition, with minor traces of wear. A small repair placed on the right sleeve (see last picture for details), no noticeable stain.

The elastic on the sleeves has recently been added, there used to be a tie string .

Age of the dress: 50 - 80 years.

Size: L-XL-XXL. It can be worn with a belt even for size M because the fabric is airy and light, delicate.

Dimensions: dress length: 129 cm or 50.78 inches.

Around the chest 142 cm or 56 inches

Around waist 142 cm or 56 inches

Sleeve length from neck to bottom edge: 65 cm or 25.6 inches

Sleeves are 3/4 long sleeves

The skirt is large and it is in A-shape.

2. Romanian wool skirt, traditional pleated wool skirt hand-woven for winter.

The skirt is adjustable with the laces around the waist. If you want it to be larger than it is, you can remove the strings and add other strings that fold the skirt to the desired dimensions, we can do this for you at your request.

This is an overlapping skirt.


the maximum circumference around the waist, as it is folded at this time, is 78 cm or 30.7 inches. So the skirt will fit as it is on any waist measurement that is less than 76 cm or 30 inches.

the circumference of the lower hem is 3.3 meters or 130 inches

skirt length: 70 cm or 27.55 inches

Dress age: 50 - 60 years

The edges are covered with new taffeta .

Condition: good condition with normal signs of wear for its age. No breakage, no visible stains or repairs. Never clean, these hand-woven skirts should be dry clean only  !!!

3. Traditional belt.

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