Romanian peasant costume from Oltenia , vintage traditional outfit


Romanian peasant costume from Oltenia , vintage traditional outfit 

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Romanian peasant costume from Oltenia formed of two pieces : hand embroidered dress  and round skirt .

1.Traditional handmade dress, very old, from Southern Romania, Oltenia. It is hand-sewn with circular embroidery on the chest, sleeves and back. A row of embroidery borders the lower hem. The embroidery is made with black cotton and there are also lace-type embroideries made with white cotton thread .

The cloth is hand-woven cloth, typical of Oltenia, very fine and thin. The neck is closed with a cord. The waist is lower, but if your chest is bigger than the waist, it rises.

It is a traditional summer dress. I have listed it separately with the traditional round skirt (Valnic in Romanian) thus forming a beautiful Romanian ethnic costume.

Size S-M with the following dimensions:

dress length 110 cm or 43.3 inches (up to the waist is 49 cm or 19.3 inches)

chest circumference: 108 cm (42.5 inches)

waist circumference: 98 cm (38.6 inches)

Age: over 60-80 years

Condition: very good, no tears or stains. The black  embroidery is discolored.

2. Romanian peasant traditional skirt, hand embroidered with white off, gray and yellow silk thread on a black handwoven wool background. It is worn in Oltenia . 

Skirt length: 69 cm or 27. 16 inches.

Around the waist: 87 cm or 34 inches. As it is, it will fit at a waist circumference  of no more than 85 cm or 33 inches.

Around the lower hem it is edged with a new black ribbon.

It is pleated around the upper hem and is adjustable with a drawstring.

Skirt age: 60 - 80 years

Condition: Good condition showing normal signs of wear for its age. Off-white or gray and yellow silk embroidery on a black wool background. No holes or repairs. The ribbon around the hem is recently changed.

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